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ALTYS has recently launched a new solution for testing VHF-based data link functions. POCKET is a lightweight, portable, and cost-effective set for checking the VHF connectivity (ACARS, VDL2, or ATN) of an installation, whether aircraft or ground-based.
POCKET validates the installation of next generation communications systems – including CPDLC, ADS-C, DCL, and D-ATIS – providing quick PASS/FAILED indications. In case of connectivity failure, POCKET helps identify the fault segment and expedite the troubleshooting process. Airlines as well as avionics and ground system manufacturers will now be able to check data link function more easily than ever with POCKET.
The unit has wider-reaching capabilities than similar systems available in today’s aviation market – offering the ability to test all data link functions – but is much lighter, smaller, easier to use, and more affordable. The unit is composed of a compact radio transceiver, a mini antenna, and a tablet embedding ALTYS’s communication systems and test application.
Forthcoming product releases will support aircraft SATCOM functions testing as well as surveillance systems testing capabilities, including Mode-S transponders, ADS-B transponders, and TCAS.