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Datalink Solutions

What is datalink? Simply put, it refers to a system of text message transmission between the aircraft and ground. Operators use datalink to transmit Airline Operational Control messages, or AOC, and flight crew and air traffic controllers can communicate via Controller to Pilot Data Link Communications, or CPDLC. The technological fabric supporting datalink has been in constant evolution since the 1970s.

Datalink Systems

ALTYS provides a full range of turnkey airborne and ground datalink systems. 


ADELIS is a complete turnkey ground system for datalink communications. It provides air navigation service providers (ANSPs) with full control over the provision of VDL Mode 2 and ATN services in their controlled airspace by operating their own infrastructure.

ATN Systems

We provide ATN systems, including airborne ATN routers, air-ground ATN routers, ground-ground ATN routers, and a dual stack data link server for ATC systems. Our COTS ATN systems support both AOC and ATC communications, and interface with legacy datalink systems.

Radio Equipment

We have developed several innovative, performant, and cost-effective radios based on software-defined-radio (SDR) technology. We offer a range of SDR products for the airport and ATM industries in support to communications, navigation, and surveillance applications.

Datalink Testing & Modeling

The amount of information being transferred via datalink both for ATC and airline applications is exponentially increasing, making testing campaigns essential.
ALTYS provides a range of different test benches and modeling platforms to fit your needs.


POCKET is a simple test tool for verifying VHF datalink connectivity. It is used to quickly test one aircraft or one ground installation at a time, and is portable to facilitate use at various locations. POCKET is designed for short-range testing in a field environment. Its compact design and easy-to-use interface make it ideal for use in an airline maintenance environment.


PEER is a complete datalink test platform offering users a high level of control over the test environment. It is designed to test either avionics datalink systems or ground datalink infrastructures, including all CPDLC and AOC applications. PEER is ideal for use in a lab environment, and simultaneously tests all parts of the communications chain.


DREAM is a platform for datalink modeling and testing that offers the most complex, realistic simulated environment available on the market. The platform emulates hundreds or even thousands of aircraft and continent-wide ground infrastructures. Users immerse either airborne systems or entire datalink ground infrastructures into DREAM to study and test their behavior.

Datalink Monitoring & Recording

The data generated within the air traffic management environment is constantly increasing in volume, diversity, and complexity. 
ALTYS provides a range of sophisticated monitoring and recording solutions that use reliable data to evaluate the quality of datalink service.


COSMOS is ALTYS’s Big Data platform that aggregates and analyzes data from multiple aeronautical sources. The COSMOS datalink monitoring system includes a wide range of powerful analytics that make essential information immediately comprehensible to end-users.


APA is a datalink traffic analyzer that is capable of decoding all of the main protocols used in communications, navigation and surveillance systems. APA provides the ability to investigate messaging issues or abnormal communications sequences by displaying all protocol layers.


MICRA is ALTYS’s multimode, multichannel digital radio receiver for communications, navigation and surveillance. Based on the latest software-defined radio (SDR) technology, MICRA is the most flexible, compact, and cost-effective aeronautical digital radio receiver available today.