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Turn-key ground datalink infrastructure.

ADELIS provides Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) with full control over the provision of ATN / VDL Mode 2 services in their controlled airspace by operating their own infrastructure.
It includes recognized and standard-compliant aeronautical VHF radio equipment, as well as VDL Mode 2 and ATN implementations that are interoperable with currently deployed avionics.

A flexible solution for datalink service provision.

  • Gives ANSPs full control over datalink provision in whole or part of their airspace

  • Optimizes spectrum capacity and improves network performance while reducing costs

  • Smoothly integrates with legacy networks and ATC systems

  • Provides support for multi-frequency (Model C/D compatible)

  • Allows ANSPs to offer added-value infrastructure services to airlines and service providers

  • Supports multiple GSIF implementations: no need for aircraft retrofits

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An all-inclusive ground datalink infrastructure

ADELIS is a turn-key ground infrastructure solution including ground stations, ATC systems, and sophisticated added-value services. The ADELIS system includes a scalable number of VDL Mode 2 ground stations to perfectly adapt to any network size or configuration – as well as ATN implementations that are interoperable with all existing CPDLC avionics systems.

ADELIS smoothly integrates with all legacy networks and ATC systems (ATN and ACARS), and also supports airline operations through ACARS over AVLC (AOA). ADELIS not only may be interfaced with global operators’ ACARS and ATN infrastructures, but it also offers a direct interface with airlines’ ACARS data link servers and IT infrastructures.

The network comprises a Centralized VDL Mode 2 Management Entity (C-VME), as well as necessary ATN Routers, and may also integrate an ACARS gateway. The ADELIS system additionally contains a Central Network Management System.

ADELIS implements sophisticated load-balancing mechanisms and Quality of Service (QoS) management tools based on real-time performance monitoring, to improve network operations and cost-efficiency. It also offers built-in datalink recording, reporting, and billing functions.


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