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Multi-mode, multi-channel radio receiver.

Cutting-edge CNS radio receiver

MICRA is ALTYS Technologies’ all-in-one aeronautical digital radio receiver based on innovative software-defined radio (SDR) technology.

Through digital signal processing (DSP) and with a powerful embedded computer, MICRA is able to simultaneously process VDL Mode 2 and ACARS communications over up to four frequencies. It also processes ADS-B and monitors GBAS.

Why use MICRA?

  • Most cost-effective datalink receiver equipment

  • Compact and lightweight, 2U rack height

  • Integrates via IP with any aeronautical or ATC network

  • Plug-and-play with ALTYS monitoring platform

Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)

Ground network monitoring

Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

Datalink traffic monitoring

Aircraft manufacturers

Flight trials
In-flight datalink recording

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MICRA is plug-and-play to ALTYS’s COSMOS monitoring system for datalink ground network performance tracking and analysis. In addition to processing VDL2, ACARS, ADS-B, and GBAS, MICRA also supports advanced RF spectrum analysis and incorporates a new-generation GNSS chipset for traffic timestamping, equipment synchronization, and tracking purposes.

MICRA relies on the latest software-defined radio (SDR) technology, offering both top performance and reduced weight for size-constrained applications.
Benefits of software-defined radio

  • Small, lightweight, compact equipment

  • Modular solutions for maximum flexibility

  • Multi-mode, multi-function, multi-frequency capabilities

  • All-in-one equipment for reduced costs

Simultaneous receiver modes


Operational modes: MICRA’s VHF receiver functions either in Full-Duplex Mode, enabling simultaneous reception of ACARS and VDL2 data, or in Single Mode, enabling VDL2 data reception only and allowing maximal performance levels. - Operating frequency range: 118 MHz -137 MHz - Frequency Accuracy: less than 2.5 ppm - Sensitivity: less than -130 dBm - Modulation: D8PSK in VDL Mode 2; MSK in ACARS Mode - Channel Spacing: 25 kHz


- Operating frequency range: 1090 MHz - Frequency Accuracy: less than 2.5 ppm - Sensitivity: less than -130 dBm - Modulation: PPM - Bandwidth: ±1 MHz


- Receiver Constellations: GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO - Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS - Sensitivity: -165 dBm

For more information please download the MICRA datasheet.