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Radio Equipment

Light, flexible aeronautical radio equipment.

ALTYS Technologies has developed top-performing radios based on software-defined-radio (SDR) technology.
We offer a range of SDR products for the airport and ATM industries in support to communications, navigation, and surveillance applications.
Software-defined radio expertise

Software-defined radio, or SDR, refers to the use of software functions to replace physical layer functions in radio communications. This technology provides the flexibility to modify and customize products through software upgrades. All of ALTYS’s devices support multi-mode, multi-function, and multi-band operations, and are more compact and lightweight than traditional aeronautical radio equipment.

Advantages of software-defined radio

  • Supports compact, lightweight equipment, ideal for size-constrained applications

  • Modular software functions allowing easy customization and accelerating time-to-market

  • Multi-mode, multi-function, multi-frequency capabilities allow reduced end user costs

EXTRA: VDL Mode 2 and ACARS transceiver

› VHF ground station › Plug-and-play to ALTYS’s test solutions › Reproduces RF phenomena for realistic test environments › Allows users to dynamically vary signal strength

ASTRA: Mode S and ADS-B 1090 MHz receiver

› Ground-based receiver › Plug-and-play to ALTYS’s SAGA platform › Supports integration into MLAT system › Offers ASTERIX-compliant interface

MICRA: multi-mode, multi-channel CNS receiver

› Airborne or ground recording equipment › Plug-and-play to ALTYS’s COSMOS platform › Simultaneously processes VDL2, ACARS, & ADS-B › Supports RF and datalink monitoring