Optimizing airside operations through enhanced situational awareness

SAGA is an affordable all-in-one solution dedicated to airside operations management: airport surface movements control, automated A-CDM milestones detection, resources monitoring and scheduling. The scalability and flexibility of the SAGA solution make it an ideal choice for both secondary airports and main international airports.

Distributed displays

SAGA’s user-friendly, interactive display provides real-time visibility over airport surface and terminal area movements, for both aircraft and ground support vehicles. The display also shows tables presenting detailed aircraft information and KPIs updated in real time.

Statistics, reports, and alerts

Tactical and strategic KPIs highlight an airport’s operational efficiency and allow identifying areas of improvement. It also includes configurable alarms for area incursions (e.g. runway), schedule deviation, and more.


SAGA can accommodate surveillance data flows in ASTERIX format from the ATC radar infrastructure and Multilateration (MLAT) systems. It can additionally integrate tracking data from independent ADS-B stations, as well as from video cameras, or LIDAR.

Data fusion

SAGA embeds complex data fusion algorithms to detect, identify and track mobiles from data collected by a great variety of airport and ATC sensors. This ensures SAGA users are provided with the most reliable and accurate information at any time.

Why use SAGA?

Control all movements over the runway, taxi and apron areas in all visibility conditions

Automate essential A-CDM milestones such as AOBT/AIBT, TMO, Taxiing times, etc.

Real-time safety nets notifications to prevent conflicts and risks of runway and taxiway incursions

Reduce operational delays and bottlenecks

Increase turnaround management efficiency

Minimize fuel burn and environmental impact

Rely on complete traffic and VHF COM recordings for post-processing analysis activities

A comprehensive Air Situation Display

SAGA’s comprehensive Air Situation Display shows all traffic movements on the airport surface and approach areas from the existing airport radar or multilateration systems, or from other dedicated surveillance sensors such as ADS-B ground stations, video cameras or LIDAR.

It additionally offers views of departures, arrivals and en-route traffic and generates alerts and notifications when unexpected or undesired conditions are encountered (aircraft overdue duration on a taxiing area or at a holding point; ground vehicle exceeding permissible speed, not marking stop as marked sections, etc.).

It provides real-time Key Performance Indicators such as Runway Occupancy Time, Taxiing times, In Block / Off Block Times, surface areas utilizations, Ten Miles Out information, and many more.

A modular offer

Optional modules are also available such as Safety Nets that generate area incursion alerts, trajectory conflict alerts as offered by A-SMGCS level 2 systems, along with specific notifications (an aircraft entering a work area otherwise mentioned in applicable NOTAM). An Assets Management module assesses the adequacy of available resources with current and anticipated needs (planification; optimized resources allocation; reduced risk of facing scarce resource).

A Turn Around Monitoring module monitors progress of operations of stakeholders involved in the Turn Around (real-time monitoring of Gate Utilization, of resources availability, predictive monitoring of Departure Delays, Real-time update of EOBT status and early notifications of anticipated delays…).

SAGA can be supplied as an on-site hosted platform or as a service (SaaS) running 24/7 and offering as many connections as needed with an adaptive pricing model based on traffic volumes.