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Airport Solutions

Optimizing airside operations through enhanced situational awareness.

ALTYS’s airport solution – SAGA – includes data sensors, a powerful data fusion and analysis system, an interactive display, and advanced statistics and reports.
Our objective is to help bring airports into the digital era by providing the most affordable, scalable solutions for airside optimization.
Data sensors

The SAGA system’s sensor infrastructure combines ADS-B, Mode-S, and multilateration (MLAT) technology, with an option to integrate a “second-generation” MLAT solution offering unrivalled precision. It is also flexible to integrate existing radar and sensor technology.

Data fusion system

SAGA integrates data from multiple sources including various types of sensors and databases, and fuses them to provide accurate, clear data. The algorithms used to process data have been perfected through ongoing practical trials to offer the most reliable information.

Multi-purpose display

SAGA’s user-friendly, interactive display provides real-time visibility over airport surface and terminal area movements, for both aircraft and ground support vehicles. The display also shows tables presenting detailed aircraft information and KPIs updated in real time.

Statistics, reports, and alerts

SAGA’s real-time or post-processing statistics functions highlight an airport’s operational efficiency and allow airside operations management to identify areas of improvement. It also includes configurable alarms such as zone or runway incursion alarms, schedule deviation notifications, and more.

How does SAGA benefit airports?

  • Provides live aircraft and vehicle tracking to Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC)

  • Allows real-time data collection and sharing among teams for quick action

  • Supports decision-making and discussions between airport operator and ATC

  • Allows users to replay any moment for incident analysis

  • Provides valuable A-CDM KPIs (TOBT, AOBT, ATOT…)

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Cost-effective digital airside management

SAGA is the most affordable Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System, or A-SMGCS, on the market today. It is designed to bring enhanced airside visibility to both Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) users.

The scalability and flexibility of the SAGA solution make it an ideal choice for regional to medium-sized airports. The system relies either on ALTYS’s sensor data, or on the airport’s existing radar infrastructure – and can also combine these sources. SAGA interfaces with the airport operational database, or AODB, in order to allow real-time KPI calculation and A-CDM information updates.

The SAGA platform allows instantaneous and automated data-sharing with multiple airport stakeholders, including airline partners, ground support and handling suppliers, and ATC – as well as with the A-CDM network. Users in the AOCC or ATC access the multi-purpose interactive display via a secure web access. SAGA provides reporting capabilities either in real-time or post-processing for tactical or strategic analysis.
Second-Generation MLAT: achieve maximum precision.

ALTYS is proud to work with Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC), to present the most accurate, most cost-effective A-SMGCS solution on today’s market. ALTYS’s SAGA solution may be combined with JRC’s OPTIMUS solution – a 2nd generation multilateration system – in order to reach the highest possible levels of location precision.

The OPTIMUS solution provides affordable means to correct the well-known and inevitable phenomenon of multipath interference, thus vastly improving the accuracy of aircraft and vehicle positioning as compared with traditional MLAT technology. The combined OPTIMUS/SAGA solution offers a < 3m location precision and < 2s movement latency.
A flexible and adaptive A-SMGCS

The SAGA solution was designed to be highly flexible. Custom KPIs, statistics, and reports can be easily integrated to meet the SAGA user’s specific needs.
All KPIs can be downloaded in standard formats to facilitate data-sharing and to feed into the airport’s own data analysis systems.
SAGA is adaptive and can interface with existing airport infrastructures, including data from surface movement radar (SMR) or any ASTERIX-formatted data. In addition, ALTYS is able to integrate video camera technology into the SAGA solution in order to maximize visibility and to help airports reduce aircraft turnaround times.
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Are you interested in how SAGA could be deployed at your airport to enhance situational awareness and maximize operational efficiency? Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.