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Working at ALTYS means taking part in beautiful technological projects.
Working in a relaxed and multicultural environment for an ambitious and internationally oriented SME.

Joining ALTYS

Integration of newcomers first starts with a warm welcome, a site visit and a face-to-face meeting to discuss mutual expectations. All our new employees are accompanied along their first 6 months to ensure their integration is successful

Skill development

The continuous improvement of our employees’ skills is essential. That is why we support our employees’ training initiatives. In 2016, 82% of our workforce attended at least a training course.

Career development

With multitask positions favouring creativity and team working, ALTYS offers real career evolution opportunities. Professional interviews with our employees allow us to monitor their professional development expectations and propose relevant change opportunities.

Internal communications

Several communications channels have been opened to facilitate the exchange of information internally: a monthly meeting with all staff members where we discuss about all the company’s news, an idea box and an annual survey to promote new activities.

  • radiocommunications 75% 75%
  • Software Engineering 85% 85%
  • Big Data 75% 75%
  • Aeronautical Systems 95% 95%
  • Quality Management 80% 80%
  • Coffee Break 🙂 100% 100%

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Work / life balance

At ALTYS, we care about the wellbeing of our employee’s and try to preserve a good balance between their professional and life time. Flexible working hours and home office give our staff the possibility to adjust their schedule to their duties.

Office life

The relaxing times we enjoy all together help building a good team spirit. We very frequently start the day having a good coffee and a good “croissant” in the kitchen – or on our terrace when the weather is nice! Our little garden gives fresh vegetables almost every day during summer. We also use to go out for a meal or a drink.

Ideal location

We are lucky to work in spacious and comfortable offices located down town Toulouse, at 5 minutes walking distance from the metro station Canal du Midi (B Line). We are very nearby the Japanese garden, a nice area to have a picnic when the weather permits. Private parking areas are available for our employees who drive to our offices.

Benefits package

All our staff is given a good complementary healthcare insurance. The package includes additional benefits such as luncheon vouchers, “chèques emploi service universel” (contribution to household costs, nursery, etc.), gift or holiday vouchers. Also, we reward our staff fidelity by giving additional holidays from their 2nd year at ALTYS.


I was hired by ALTYS for a 6 months research internship in the field of artificial intelligence.

My tasks consisted of doing a state-of-the-art on the 2 problems I worked on, implementing the algorithm and finally validating them.

I had a lot of autonomy, for instance in the choice of methods or which part of the project to prioritize. Another advantage is that I was able to observe most of the stages of a project, which was a good learning experience.

I could also easily get help when it was needed.

Overall, my experience with ALTYS was very positive.



August 2021, Student at ENAC

I worked for 2 years as COSMOS application manager at ALTYS Technologies and it was a very enriching experience on the professional and human side.

I learned a lot from this experience which allowed me to work with the major companies in the European and global aeronautics sector.



August 2022, Full-Stack Engineer

I joined ALTYS Technologies for my end-of-studies internship for 6 months, where I had the opportunity to work on the future technologies of aeronautical telecommunications.

I was warmly welcomed by all the ALTYS staff. It is a company that promotes the culture of diversity, tolerance, and communication.

I benefited from a quality supervision from Mrs. Fathia BEN SLAMA. Thanks to her constant commitment, I have been placed in excellent condition to achieve the desired results of the internship. I also thank Mr. Kanaan ABDO, for his supports and ready to guide me to increase my skills.

It was a very enriching experience on a human and technical level.



August 2022, Student at Centrale Lille
Masters in Networks and Telecommunications

I joined ALTYS to complete my work-study diploma of “BTS Management of SMEs” as an administrative manager.

The missions I had to perform were motivating, varied and always related to what was required for my diploma.

I had the opportunity to work with almost all the employees and led tasks needed for the renewal of company’s ISO9001/EN9100 certificate.

My tutor GĂ©raldine and all the staff listened to my needs throughout my work-study period.

ALTYS was able to meet my expectations and the experience was more than enriching.



June 2022, Student at ISTEF

As part of my final year internship, I was accepted by ALTYS Technologies for a 6-month experience.

I worked on new radio communication technologies in the cockpit to integrate routing and mobility protocols in the network architecture.

I had the opportunity to work with a very attentive and understanding team, in a very autonomous environment, which allowed me to develop important technical and interpersonal skills, especially in managing tasks and priorities according to my work style.

I was also very well supervised by my internship tutor, Mr. Regis BAROSSI, as well as by Mr. Kanaan ABDO, who did not fail to guide and advise me during the whole period.

In one word, ALTYS was a beautiful and enriching experience.



August 2022, Student at INSA Hauts-de-France

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