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The use of digital communications technologies has become an essential aspect of optimizing air traffic management and increasing airspace capacity. We ensure the top performance of current datalink avionics and ground systems, and we help to prepare the air traffic management system for the installation of future technologies.


Airports are seeing an increased demand for traffic, creating delays and bottlenecks both on the surface and in the skies. Our solutions provide real-time visibility over airport traffic, automated detection of operational milestones and resources monitoring and scheduling, for increased safety and efficiency levels.


ALTYS is actively involved in research projects both in Europe and internationally, and we are proud to invest 20% of our annual revenue into R&D. We have played a key role in a number of R&D projects as part of global air traffic management modernization initiatives such as SESAR Joint Undertaking.







At ALTYS, we are passionate about finding innovative ways to apply new digital technologies to the airport and air traffic management industries.

We are committed to a data-driven future – yet we have a deep understanding of the long-established trends of the world of civil aviation.

Our force comes from our ambition, our creativity, and our unique position at the crossroads of aviation and digital technology.

Leveraging the power of the skies’ big data


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News & Events

World ATM Congress 2021

ALTYS Technologies will be attending World ATM Congress on 26-28 October 2021 Visit our stand #955 to: Enquire about our solutions : • Data link: VDL Mode 2, ATN, test equipment, monitoring solutions • Surveillance: ADS-B, new generation MLAT • Airport: A-SMGCS We will also be happy share with you...

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Airport Collaborative Decision Making (Regional A-CDM)

ALTYS Technologies est engagé dans le projet collaboratif DARIUS, qui explore une solution de partage d’information destinée aux acteurs des aéroports régionaux. L’outil de "Regional Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)" améliore l'efficacité des opérations à l'escale, en optimisant...

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Air Hamburg uses POCKET for CPDLC retrofit

AIR HAMBURG selects ALTYS Technologies’ POCKET datalink portable suitcase to retrofit its business jet fleet with PM-CPDLC capability and comply with European Union Regulation (EU) 2015/310 amending Regulation (EC) No 29/2009 “laying down requirements on data link services for the single European...

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ALTYS Technologies demonstrated a complete partner approach, displaying values held by Harris and mirroring the way Harris partners with the FAA.

They demonstrated a genuine commitment to fully understand and implement the FAA’s requirements.



DCIS I&T Manager, HARRIS Corporation, 2014

ALTYS have consistently shown that they can understand our needs and work closely with us to deliver what we’re after.

We were happy to have ALTYS Technologies alongside us in a key role in the ELSA consortium.



Business Development Manager, NATS Airspace, 2016

ALTYS Technologies have greatly sized their range of products to offer tools adapted for each kind of use.

With the POCKET tool, we got the features we needed to complete our aircraft certification at the best cost on the market, while still getting a high level of expertise on CPDLC matters.



Avionics Engineering, DAHER Aerospace, 2020

ALTYS demonstrated strong technical capabilities with different professional skills in the team.

ALTYS is always committed and open to support ESSP based on our needs and timelines.

ESSP is very proud of the fruitful work done and sure that more opportunities will come based on synergies between both companies.



Service & GNSS Projects Development Manager, ESSP, 2021

The ADELIS solution, delivered by ALTYS Technologies, is an integral part of our new Amsterdam Data Center. The infrastructure has added an extra layer of resilience to SITA’s ATN service.

ALTYS also provided us with the tools during infrastructure testing, which allowed us to simulate diverse operational scenarios to increase the fidelity of our testing.

The technical support provided by ALTYS throughout the project has helped us make service improvements an operational reality.


Robert AUBRY

Program Manager, SITA for Aircraft, 2023